How Do I Turn Off Tips On My IPhone?

How do you turn off contact suggestions on iPhone?

Step 2: Navigate to the Contacts section, then tap on Siri & Search.

Step 3: Toggle the switch labeled Find Contacts in Other Apps to the OFF position.

“Turning this off will delete any unconfirmed contact suggestions and prevent contact suggestions from appearing in apps,” reads the feature description..

What cool things can my iPhone do?

17 cool things you didn’t know your iPhone 7 could doThe secret magnifying glass. … Voicemail transcription. … Change the brightness of the flashlight. … Edit live photos. … Close all tabs in Safari. … Ask Siri to take a selfie. … Doodle on your photos. … Handwritten texts.More items…

What Can You Do With iPhone shortcuts?

About the Shortcuts app Shortcuts in iOS 12 let you get things done with your apps, with just a tap or by asking Siri. In addition to running shortcuts available on your iOS device, you can use the Shortcuts app to create custom shortcuts, simplifying everyday tasks by combining steps across multiple apps.

What is tips on my iPhone?

From advanced security to battery management and custom notifications, these are our 34 tips for iPhone users.Speed up a sluggish iPhone. … Turn on Dark Mode. … Improve your passcode security. … Create custom iMessages for calls you can’t answer. … Join a Group FaceTime call. … Skip calls with Remind Me Later.More items…•

How do I get rid of suggested people?

To stop people from showing up as suggestions, follow the steps below to remove them. Tap a contact. Suggestions. Tap Add people you contact often.

How do I turn off name suggestions on Imessage?

6 AnswersGo to Settings –> Mail, Contacts, Calendars.Under Contacts, toggle the switch labeled Contacts Found in Mail to the OFF position.

How do you turn off sharing on iPhone?

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touchGo to Settings > [your name] > Family Sharing. If you’re using iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to Settings > iCloud > Family.Tap your name as the organizer.Tap Stop Family Sharing.

How do I make my iPhone unique?

Here are several ways to make your iPhone unique to you.Get a Custom Case or Skin.Set a Unique Wallpaper. … Pick a New Ringtone and Text Tone. … Add Your Photo. … Customize Control Center and Widgets. … Build a Custom Home Screen. … 0 comments Write a Comment.

How do I turn off Apple tips?

How to Turn Off TipsOpen Settings.Tap Notifications.In the Notification Style section, tap Tips. The apps in this menu appear alphabetically.Turn off the Allow Notifications toggle switch.Repeat these steps for any app in the Notification settings to stop them from sending you messages.