Question: How Do You Use Lume For Private Parts?

Does Lume work on private parts?

Lume Is The First Deodorant Safe To Use Anywhere The best deodorant for women should be able to address odor all over the body, not just the armpits.

We’ve got good news.

Lume can be used anywhere you have odor and wish you didn’t.

Under your breasts, skin folds, belly buttons, feet, and private parts..

Is Lume deodorant safe for private parts?

Lume is a natural deodorant for underarms and private parts that is clinically proven to last up to 72 hours. It’s made without aluminum or baking soda so it’s safe for even the most sensitive skin. Vegan and cruelty-free.

Does Lume deodorant kill bacteria?

Lume is a natural, skin-safe deodorant that protects your skin and your good bacteria. And most importantly—it actually works. Lume controls odor for up to 72 hours by preventing bacteria from digesting your sweat and farting out odors.

How do you apply Lume to private parts?

Apply a trace amount of Lume to the center of your pit to cover the hair-bearing area and one inch or so beyond that. Use just enough cream that rubs in clear in 4-5 seconds and then stop.

How do you use Lume?

Apply sparingly from front to back and swipe up between your butt cheeks to your tailbone. Lume should only be applied externally. A few times a week is all you need. You can also apply Lume under breasts, under tummy folds, on feet, and anywhere else you have odor but wish you didn’t.

Is Lume deodorant really natural?

Lume is a natural deodorant for underarms and private parts that’s clinically proven to last up to 48 hours. It’s made without aluminum, baking soda, or fragrance oils so it’s safe for even the most sensitive skin. Vegan and Leaping Bunny certified.

Can you put deodorant on your vag?

Don’t use deodorant The area around your vaginal opening (vulva) is made of very delicate and sensitive tissue. Antiperspirants and deodorants may work for your pits, but they can do more than a little damage below the belt.

What is the active ingredient in Lume deodorant?

zinc oxideIts active ingredient was zinc oxide, which was minimally effective at inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

Does shaving pubic hair reduce odor?

Hair increases the surface area for bacteria and bodily fluids to linger and lead to odor. … Trimming your pubic hair reduces that surface area for bacteria, thus reducing odor.

Where is Lume deodorant sold?

Lume is also now available for purchase on Amazon and at some Walmart locations, in limited scents and for a greater cost than on Lume’s own site. Since I bought a single stick, my deodorant cost $13.99, but if you subscribe to receive it on a recurring basis (every 1, 2, or 3 months), each stick costs $12.59.