Question: What Are The Requirements For A Female To Join The Army?

What are the requirements to join the army?

What are the qualifications to join the Army?You must be a U.S.

citizen or a resident alien.Be between the ages of 17-34.

Have a high school diploma.Have no more than two dependents.Take and pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test.Pass a Military Entrance Processing Station medical exam..

What is the height and weight requirements for the Army for females?

Female Weight Standards US ArmyHeightWeight by years of age for females (lbs)4ft 10inMin91Max1214ft 11inMin94Max12543 more rows

Can I join the military if I’m overweight?

Applicants who qualify through the ARMS test get a free pass on being overweight, but they do have to get themselves in shape within a year of entering active duty. … While under an “overweight flag,” soldiers can’t attend a professional military school, be promoted, or even re-enlist.

Is there a minimum weight to join military?

Note that applicants must be a minimum of five pounds under their max weight. If the maximum weight for your height is 190 pounds, you must be 185 pounds or less. If an applicant is within five pounds of the maximum weight or over their maximum weight and has a muscular build, they may be authorized to apply.