Question: Which Is Better Gossip Girl Or Pretty Little Liars?

Is Pretty Little Liars a true story?

Like many great TV shows, Pretty Little Liars was actually a book first.

The thriller was loosely based on a 16-book series of the same name written by Sara Shepard.

When the show first gained traction, Shepard sat down for a series of interviews and revealed that her books were inspired by a real-life event..

Is Gossip Girl Like Pretty Little Liars?

Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl have many similarities. They’re both about beautiful young people who lie a lot and are plagued by anonymous, tech-savvy monsters. … Simply put, Pretty Little Liars is about a bunch of girls who gossip, and Gossip Girl is about a group of pretty little liars.

Who is the best couple in pretty little liars?

Pretty Little Liars Couples, Ranked8 Spencer & Marco. … 7 Alison & Lorenzo. … 6 Mona & Mike. … 5 Emily & Alison. … 4 Emily & Maya. … 3 Spencer & Toby. One of the main couples on this show was Spencer and Toby Cavanaugh. … 2 Aria & Ezra. Another main couple would be Aria and Ezra Fitz. … 1 Hanna & Caleb. And then there was Hanna and Caleb Rivers.More items…•

Who is the prettiest girl in pretty little liars?

Which girl makes the prettiest “Pretty Little Liar?”Lucy. 15.9%Sasha. 9%Ashley. 20.7%Shay. 46.3%Troian. 8.1%

What’s the scariest episode of Pretty Little Liars?

The 10 Scariest Episodes Of Pretty Little Liars! of 10. Pilot (Season 1 Episode 1) … of 10. For Whom The Bell Tolls (Season 1 Episode 22) … of 10. Never Letting Go (Season 2 Episode 6) … of 10. Over My Dead Body (Season 2 Episode 12) … of 10. If These Dolls Could Talk (Season 2 Episode 24) … of 10. … of 10. … of 10.More items…•

Is Pretty Little Liars worth watching?

Originally Answered: Is Pretty Little Liars worth watching? YES!! It is so amazing and honestly one of the best shows ever!! It is very addictive and interesting, and never gets boring.

Is Pretty Little Liars scary?

In short pretty little liars is rated a 12, although in the earlier seasons there are more ‘scary’ things ( like a body being hung by a rope round it’s neck and blood) it’s mainly psychological. The idea that somone is always there and knows everything, who has all power over you (stalking) plays with your mind.

Is Pretty Little Liars being taken off Netflix?

All seven season of “Pretty Little Liars” are leaving Netflix’s U.S. streaming service as of July 27. This week, WarnerMedia announced that “PLL” would be coming exclusively to HBO Max — its newly monikered subscription-streaming service set to launch commercially in spring 2020 — along with “Friends” and other shows.

How old are the liars in Season 1?

Set one year after the disappearance of Alison (series star SASHA PIETERSE), the manipulative and vindictive queen bee of their group, the series revolves around four 16-year-old girlfriends Aria (series star LUCY HALE), Spencer (series star TROIAN BELLISARIO), Hanna (series star ASHLEY BENSON), and Emily (series star …

Did Gossip Girl get Cancelled?

The CW officially renewed Gossip Girl for a sixth and final season on May 11, 2012. The final season, consisting of 10 episodes, premiered on October 8, 2012 and ended on December 17, 2012.

What does XOXO Gossip Girl mean?

XOXO means hugs and kisses, typically to express affection or good friendship at the end of a written letter, email or SMS text message. It can be used as a goodbye from an unidentified person, like gossip girl.

Who is Gossip Girl in the end?

Chuck and Blair didn’t just end up together—they had TV’s most adorable son. The surprise cameos were miraculously kept secret, and squeal-worthy. And the big, show-ending reveal of Gossip Girl’s identity—one Mr. Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley)—somehow seemed to make perfect sense, allowing for one heck of a happy ending.

Is Pretty Little Liars ok for 13 year old?

#6 Pretty Little Liars Mix four beautiful girls with a storyline full of theft, defying parents’ rules, breaking and entering and general gossipy mockery and you have Pretty Little Liars. … In saying that, it’s rated age 14+ with most parental reviews citing it’s ok for age 13+.

Who does Nate end up with in Gossip Girl?

Five Years Later: Nate (Chace Crawford) is running for mayor of New York City (seriously?!); Chuck and Blair are married with a son, Henry; Eric and Jenny are around; Rufus (Matthew Settle) is with Lisa Loeb (!); Lily and William are together; Georgina (Michelle Tratchenberg) and Uncle Jack are together; and Serena and …

Is PLL appropriate for 12 year olds?

#6 Pretty Little Liars If you’re looking for positive messaging and positive role models…it’s not this. In saying that, it’s rated age 14+ with most parental reviews citing it’s ok for age 13+. Be warned, the suspense and drama are compelling!