Quick Answer: Can We Use Jio Sim In Normal Phone?

How do I start my new Jio SIM?

In order to activate both the Voice and Data services, the user has to dial 1977 from the Jio number.

Identity of the user can be confirmed by using the last 4 digits of the submitted identity; a Voter Id card or an Aadhar Card.

The SIM is likely to get activated by 1 to 2 hours..

Can I use Jio Sim in smartphone?

Here are the requirements to use the Jio SIM in any mobile You will need a Jio SIM card, the IMEI number of the smartphone it was used in, a rooted Android device with support to 4G LTE, and Xposed IMEI Changer app.

Does Jio Phone 2 support Airtel SIM?

–The JioPhone 2 comes with dual-SIM card support. The primary SIM card slot will be locked and specifically be dedicated to Jio SIM only. The secondary SIM card slot, however, will be unlocked, which means you will be able to use SIM from other networks, be it Airtel, Vodafone, Idea or any other.

Can we unlock Jio phone?

And also JioPhone can be unlocked only when the company provides the unlock code. As of now there is no plan for the company to provide unlock code. And also, JioPhone also works only in 4g only, so it doesn’t support 2g/3g, they made this as 4g only to make some cost cutting with the processor manufacturer..

What is Jio smartphone plan?

Jio Phone PlanPlan benefitsValidity (in days)Jio Phone Rs. 155 plan500 non-Jio minutes, 1GB daily data, unlimited Jio-to-Jio and landline calls, 100 SMS messages per day28Jio Phone Rs. 153 plan1.5GB daily data, unlimited Jio-to-Jio and landline calls, 100 SMS messages per day28Oct 26, 2019

What are Jio plans?

Reliance Jio’s Rs 2399 prepaid plan is a new addition to the list. It offers year-long validity of 365 days and comes with 2GB daily data. Other benefits of the prepaid plan include off-net FUP of 12,000 minutes along with unlimited on-net calls, 100 daily SMS, and complimentary subscription to Jio apps.

Can I recharge Jio only for calling?

So all Jio customers who recharged after October 10 will have to buy IUC top-ups alongwith the regular recharge plans if they want to make outgoing calls to any mobile number beyond the Jio network. Jio has clarified that the IUC top-up is not mandatory. It is only required if you make calls to non-Jio mobile numbers.

How do I activate dual SIM?

Open the Settings of your Android smartphone and tap on “Network & internet” or “Wireless & networks.” Open SIM cards or Dual SIM settings, depending on how the category is named on your Android smartphone.

Can we use Jio SIM in other phone?

Yes your Jio 4G SIM can be used in other mobiles (should be used in 4G slot) instead of using in mobile from which the Jio SIM was activated. Like any other normal sim, the activation of your SIM from any phone doesn’t restrict it from being using in any other phone.

Can we use Jio 4g SIM in 2g phone?

You can use Reliance Jio 4G services on 2G and 3G smartphones – Know how. New Delhi: Reliance subscribers can experience Jio on a 3G or even 2G smartphone using the JioFi 4G Portable Voice + Data Device.

Can we put Airtel SIM in Jio phone?

NO we cant able to use airtel sim on jio phone. They can use SIM from other networks in the Jio Phone. The IE report said that Reliance Jio has confirmed no other SIM can be used in the JioPhone. So, if you a SIM from Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, etc, you cannot use them on this device.

Why Jio phone SIM is not working in another phone?

You can use your Jio phone sim in Any other phone but the jio phone plans will not work in that. And in addition of that you have to make that sim prime i.e you have to recharge rs 99 and than other plans will work in that sim.

Can we use Airtel SIM in Jio Phone 2?

Jio Phone 2 supports Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and BSNL SIM cards. … However, with the Jio Phone 2, the company is now offering dual-SIM connectivity and this time around, the second SIM slot will let buyers use a connection from any other telecom operator apart from Reliance Jio.