Quick Answer: What Are The Major Side Effects Of Anastrozole?

How long does it take for anastrozole to leave your system?

Studies in postmenopausal women demonstrated that anastrozole is extensively metabolized with about 10% of the dose excreted in the urine as unchanged drug within 72 hours of dosing, and the remainder (about 60% of the dose) is excreted in urine as metabolites..

Is anastrozole hard on the liver?

For people with liver problems: Anastrozole may cause inflammation of your liver. This can worsen liver problems. Your doctor may check your liver function before and during treatment with this drug.

How much does anastrozole reduce recurrence?

Lower recurrence rates for anastrozole were maintained after treatment completion, especially for the hormone-receptor-positive population where the absolute benefit of 2.8% at 5 years increased to 4.8% at 9 years (Figure 1).

Can anastrozole cause a stroke?

Anastrozole may increase your risk of a stroke or blood clot. Call your doctor at once if you have sudden numbness or weakness, (especially on one side of the body), sudden severe headache, slurred speech, or problems with vision or balance.

What does anastrozole do to your body?

Anastrozole is in a class of medications called nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitors. It works by decreasing the amount of estrogen the body makes. This can slow or stop the growth of many types of breast cancer cells that need estrogen to grow.

Is anastrozole dangerous?

Anastrozole may increase your risk of a stroke or blood clot. Call your doctor at once if you have sudden numbness or weakness, (especially on one side of the body), sudden severe headache, slurred speech, or problems with vision or balance.

What are the side effects of stopping anastrozole?

How long do side effects continue once Arimidex is stopped?Chest discomfort.Dizziness.Dry eyes.Headache.Heartburn.Hot flashes.Nausea.Pain.More items…•

Can anastrozole affect your eyesight?

Based on analysis of OCT retinal thickness data, it is likely that anastrozole increases the tractional force between the vitreous and retina. Consequently, AI users, myopic AI users particularly, might be at increased risk for traction-related vision loss.

Can I just stop taking anastrozole?

You won’t need to stop taking it gradually. Some people worry about stopping their treatment, but there’s evidence that anastrozole continues to reduce the risk of breast cancer coming back for many years after you stop taking it. … If anastrozole stops working, your specialist may prescribe another hormone drug.

What is the best time to take anastrozole?

Anastrozole is taken once a day in tablet form. The pills are taken at the same time each day, either in the morning or at night. Always take the pills exactly as your nurse or pharmacist has told you.

Is anastrozole a form of chemotherapy?

Anastrozole (Arimidex®) is a Chemotherapy Regimen for Breast Cancer – early stage.

Can anastrozole make you gain weight?

Studies have shown that weight gain is not increased in women taking tamoxifen or anastrozole, but it is harder to study the effects of these drugs on a woman’s ability to lose weight. Regardless of the reasons for weight gain, weight loss requires calorie reduction. This can be accomplished in many ways.

Does anastrozole weaken immune system?

Hormone therapies, including tamoxifen, letrozole, anastrozole, exemestane and goserelin, do not affect your risk of getting coronavirus or of becoming seriously ill if you do get it. Taking hormone therapy does not affect your immune system.

What are the long term side effects of Arimidex?

Side effects of Arimidexbone and joint pain.nausea.vomiting.hot flashes.weakness.fatigue.

Does anastrozole cause memory loss?

DISCUSSION. We found that women with breast cancer who received anastrozole therapy experienced poorer verbal and visual learning and memory than women with breast cancer who received tamoxifen. These findings may be related to the changes in estrogen levels experienced by women receiving this therapy.

Can I drink alcohol while taking anastrozole?

The drinking of alcohol (in small amounts) does not appear to affect the safety or usefulness of anastrozole. … Tell doctors or dentists that you are being treated with anastrozole before you receive any treatment from them. • Anastrozole is usually well tolerated and serious side effects are rare.

Will anastrozole cause hair loss?

Some women who take the breast cancer hormone treatments tamoxifen, anastrozole, letrozole and exemestane may also experience hair thinning because of the oestrogen-lowering effect of these treatments. However, these treatments are unlikely to cause complete hair loss.

Can anastrozole affect your heart?

The aromatase inhibitor anastrozole has been linked to heart attacks and other cardiovascular events. Trastuzumab (Herceptin) can cause heart failure, especially in women over 50 and those with underlying heart disease or hypertension. In most cases, however, the absolute risk is fairly low, said Dr.

What drugs interact with anastrozole?

There may be an interaction between anastrozole and any of the following:any estrogen-containing medications.aripiprazole.dofetilide.hydrocodone.lomitapide.methadone.pimozide.tamoxifen.More items…