Will Clear Data Delete Text Messages?

What happens if I clear data on WhatsApp?

Tap on the “Clear” button in the pop-up message once again to confirm.

Now, the relevant data will be removed from WhatsApp storage, and you’ll get the storage space back..

What happens when you clear messages cache?

If you clear app data via Android settings, app settings, ‘any app’ yes. No if you clear app cache via Android settings, storage, cache ( or with apps like Ccleaner). Clearing app cache will never delete appdata or settings.

Is clearing history the same as clearing cache?

Clearing other saved information from Safari Clearing your history only removes your browsing history, cache and cookies; if you want to clear various things you’ve entered into websites you’ll need to go to a different part of Safari’s settings.

Is it safe to delete Spotify data?

C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Spotify\Data is location for all songs you just play and is not auto cleared. So you can without any problem delete it, but you have to do it manualy.

Can we delete WhatsApp data files?

Thankfully, WhatsApp offers you an easy technique using which you can delete media files and messages from not just the app’s memory but also from the phone memory. … – Tap on three dots on the top right corner of the app. – Tap on the Settings option. – Now tap on Storage Usage option.

What happens if I clear data on Spotify?

When using the Spotify app, for example, it holds on to information like the artists you viewed outside of your library, album art browsed, and search history as cache. When the app cache is cleared, all of the mentioned data is cleared.

You will not lose any of your photos, if CLEAR DATA operation is performed, it is completely safe to do so. This just means that your preferences have been reset and the cache has been cleared. Cache is generated only for providing fast access to gallery files.

Will Clearing app data delete pictures?

From Google search: By clearing cache, you remove the temporary files in the cache, but it WON’T delete your other app data like logins, settings, saved games, downloaded photos, conversations. So if you clear the cache of the Gallery or Camera app on your Android phone, you won’t lose any of your photos.

Should you clear cache?

It’s really not bad to clear your cached data every now and then. Some refer to this data as “junk files,” meaning it just sits and piles up on your device. Clearing the cache helps keep things clean, but don’t rely on it as a solid method for making new space.

Can I clear data on Spotify?

Open up the ‘Settings’ from the App Drawer or from the Notification Panel. 4. Open up Spotify and you’ll be presented with the following screen. Press ‘Force Stop’ then ‘Clear Data’ in that order (Note: Clearing data will also clear the cache, no need to press that button).

Will clearing message data delete messages?

Clearing app data is a more severe (for want of a better word) step. While the cache can be cleared with little risk to app settings, preferences and saved states, clearing the app data will delete/remove these entirely. … Clearing stored data may, and in all likelihood will.

Is it OK to clear data?

Clear out all cached app data Clearing out cache won’t save a ton of space at once but it will add up. … These caches of data are essentially just junk files, and they can be safely deleted to free up storage space.

Why is WhatsApp using so much data?

See how much data you’re using WhatsApp requires an internet connection to send and receive messages. If you’re connected to wi-fi this isn’t a problem, but when you’re out and about, the app uses your mobile data connection. Because of this, it could easily eat through your data allowance.

How do I clear internal storage on WhatsApp?

About This Article Open Internal storage or SD card storage. Tap WhatsApp. Tap and hold Databases. Tap the Delete button or trash can icon.